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Burger Beginnings Before Pueblo

The burger, as American as apple- pie, right? A very staple of the cuisine fabric in the United States. But did you know that its origins are actually a global phenomenon dating back centuries? Before the “Golden Arches” and Whoppers were crowned King the first appearance of the burger was in ancient Greece and was called Iscia Momentata. This delectable dish was a beef patty with white wine, crushed nuts and pepper used as a mash to help it all stick together. Fast forward to the 12th Century A.D. when nomadic Mongol Warriors needed a food item that they could hold with hand while maintaining control of the horse’s reigns with the other. Legend has it that the Mongols under the Great Kublai Khan were responsible for introducing the Russians to the art of mincing meat as a food item.

So when and where did the name Hamburger come from?

The burger became more than a delectable minced meat dish and earned its final name in 17th century Hamburg Germany. Up until that point the Russian seafarers had been serving as a “tartare” which while in patty form was still uncooked. However, them crafty Germans in the port of Hamburg were hungry for innovation. They added some onions and capers and fried it calling it a “Hamburg Steak” and walla, thus the burger as we know it was born!

Off To The American Shores!

The Hamburger would not wash up on American shores until almost a century later when in 1836 a restaurant in New York called Delmonico’s would add Americas first “Hamburg Steak” to its menu at an unheard of and costly .10 cents! Only a few short years later in 1885 the very first actual burger as we know was sold at the Seymour county fair by a 15 year old boy named Charlie Lagreen and this gave rise to the hamburger in its modern form when he took sausage patties and placed them between two slices of bread so they would be easier to eat as fairgoers walked throughout the event.

Ever heard of Whitecastle? It’s delicious sliders have been touted as long as we can remember right? That’s because in 1921, White Castle became the very first American Burger Franchise, followed by the Mcdonald brothers Richard and Maurice who had in their minds to open a BBQ joint in San Bernardino when to their surprise, their hamburgers outsold all of their BBQ and thus the era of the burger chain had arrived.

Pueblo Burgers In The Year 2020

Ask any modern food aficionado and they will tell you, Pueblo, Colorado is the hub for great food in Colorado! From it’s wonderful green chile and famous sloppers, to its amazing burgers and cheeseburgers, Pueblo has it all!

At its center (No pun intended) is the Union Avenue district with its great burger options and menu items from mushroom burgers to ½ pound patty melts at the Gold Dust Saloon. Looking for a good old- fashioned Cheeseburger? Look no further and all offerings are available custom to suit whether it be the addition of extras or bunless and wrapped in lettuce for the keto crowd, Downtown Pueblo has it all!

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