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We are continuing our look into making the perfect Bloody Mary.  In part 1, we discussed the history of the drink and how The Gold Dust serves these as part of our Build your own Bloody Mary Bar.  We also discussed the choice of glass, liquor, and the juices we offer. This month, we will discuss sauces and seasonings along with garnishes for the drink.

With sauces, the choices are extreme.  The Gold Dust naturally provides the expected Worcestershire Sauce and Tabasco sauce, for those want to create the classic Bloody Mary.  We do not stop there though, we offer three other Tabasco flavors: Green pepper, Habanero, and Chipotle sauce. We offer three Cholula flavors:  Original, Chile Lime, and Green Pepper, along with Texas Pete Hot Sauce and Louisiana Hot Sauce. Naturally, we have horseradish sauce, but also offer Wasabi, and a sweet hot mustard.  The Gold Dust also has fresh pickle and pepperoncini juice.

For seasonings, we have sea salt, a peppercorn medley pepper, chelada salt, classic celery salt, and Valentina Seasoning, which has chile powder, salt and lime.

We could not find any history of the evolution of garnishes for Bloody Mary’s.  Traditionally, this consisted of a celery stalk, which we, of course, offer. One thing is true, Bloody Mary garnishes have evolved exponentially, in the last few years from the obvious to the absurd.  Sorry, we do not offer sliders and pizza slices as garnishes.

The Gold Dust likes to keep an array of classic garnishes in it’s arsenal.  Currently, we offer carrot sticks, lemons, limes, pickles, olives, pepperoncinos, hot chile peppers, jalapenos (regular or pickled), dilly beans (pickled green beans), cocktail onions,  kalamata olives, and occasionally, pickled asparagus. We have also been adding a prepared garnish of an olive, tomato, pepperoncino, with salami which goes nicely with our Italian mix. Last, but not least, we have bacon.  This truly makes this drink a “breakfast in a glass”. We are always open to suggestions of our customers for other garnishes.

So we have described the history of the drink and what The Gold Dust provides as part of our Build your own Bloody Mary bar, but how do you make the perfect Bloody Mary?  Honestly, we feel since it is in your hands at this bar, every Bloody Mary is perfect! With our variety of liquors, juices, sauces, and garnishes, it is impossible to make a bad Bloody Mary. That’s one of the primary reasons we love the cocktail so much. It truly is a personal experience.   The Gold Dust celebrated it’s one year anniversary of this weekly event on February 2, 2019.  With over 1,500 Bloody Mary’s sold, we have yet to hear one complaint!

With that said, Part 3 of this blog will feature some recipes we have come up with for you to try and enjoy.

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