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The local barkeep at your favorite happy hour spot is much more than they appear. Today’s industry demands so much more than in years past and chances are they are part mixologist and craft beer aficionado, part therapist and overall wellness guide. Here are a few key things to keep in mind next time your favorite watering hole beckons you to happy hour:

1. Master of the multi-task – Most bartenders require the ability to operate at a much higher frequency of memory recall than others. This includes balancing what’s in a mojito, with the food order at table two, fielding questions from the end of the bar to communicating with wait staff effectively. A good bartender begets a great happy hour.

2. Therapist without the couch– Studies have repeatedly shown that people regularly entrust their local bartender with more emotional baggage than their therapist. A good bartender is valued not only because of their ability to make a drink, but for their empathic listening ability, quality service and positive outlook often on days where they themselves have had their share of tribulations.

3. An artistic approach– Continuing trends in the bartending industry have set higher standards in the development of new and exciting spins on traditional drinks. Today’s mixologists are tasked with knowing what is organic and or low carb, what drinks carry residual sugars, how to craft tasty concoctions new trends in ingredients and more. A far cry from the simple “Bartender, slide me a beer down here” approach of yesteryear.

4. Entertainment! – Today’s bartenders are as much entertainment as they are functionality sometimes developing personas larger than the establishments in which they work, complete with their own social media following and fan crowds who flock to them for their happy hour or nightlife experience. Their flair and ability to work the bar, serve the customers and provide a positive atmosphere that relieves the pressure of a work week is almost transcendent and requires a certain comfortability with people few possess.

5. Breaking the glass ceiling – Often times college students in the Pueblo area will begin a job at one of the local downtown bars strictly to supplement their short-term income. While the service industry will always remain a struggle, many are finding that what they thought was a mere side job has become a lucrative opportunity that many find it hard to leave once they begin to balance out the annual income after tips, entertaining atmosphere and other perks that working in night life provides.

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