The Gold Dust Saloon was opened in 1984.

The original location was 130 S. Union Avenue, in the historic Gold Dust building.

The original business was a “beer and a shot” bar focused more on drinks than food. The business built relationships with various sporting groups, such as the local runners club, fast-pitch softball and flag football players to build clientele.

In 1999, the business moved to the current location at 217 S. Union Avenue. The building had been a car repair shop.

The hanging tree was in front of the Gold Dust in the middle of the street. It was a huge cottonwood…they’d give people a trial and those convicted met the tree. The city wanted to cut it down because they wanted Union Avenue to be a major thoroughfare. Citizens protested that they didn’t want it cut down, so the City of Pueblo agreed, but the same night it was cut it down.

In 2017, the original owners sold the business after 34 successful years. The new owners are committed to honoring the history of the establishment while providing new offerings both in the food and drink menus.


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